Current Survey Details

Celtic Explorer

Survey Name: Blue whiting acosutic survey (20/03/2023 to 13/04/2023)
Chief Scientist: Mr Michael O'Malley (Marine Institute)
Survey Details: a. Survey the blue whiting spawning stock using acoustic techniques in coordination with vessel from other participating vessels (See ICES PGNAPES report 2008 for full details) b. Biological sampling of echotraces to determine species composition, age, spawning state and age profiles of blue whiting c. Carry out measurements of both vertical and horizontal physical oceanographic conditions encountered along the pre-determined cruise track (See Figure 1). d. Take part inter-calibration exercises between vessels as and when required to determined acoustic and trawl performance. e. Additional requirements that should arise as part of the joint international survey effort. f. Mesopelagic trawl and acoustic sampling

Tom Crean

Survey Name: Charter OWF (12/03/2023 to 10/04/2023)
Chief Scientist: Ms RV Ops Chief Scientist (Marine Institute)
Survey Details: Charter