Current Survey Details

Celtic Explorer

Survey Name: WESPAS (13/06/2019 to 24/07/2019)
Chief Scientist: Mr Ciaran O'Donnell (Marine Institute)
Survey Details: Survey aims: a. Survey the boarfish spawning stock using acoustic techniques in ICES division VIIb, c, k, j, h and VIIIa b. Biological sampling of echotraces to determine species composition, age, spawning state and age profiles of boarfish c. Carry out measurements of both vertical and horizontal physical oceanographic conditions encountered along the pre-determined cruise track (See Figure 1). d. Marine mammal and seabird sighting survey

Celtic Voyager

Survey Name: Aran-Porcupine Nephrops UWTV (09/06/2019 to 20/06/2019)
Chief Scientist: Ms Jennifer Doyle (Marine Institute)
Survey Details: Undertake UWTV survey transects in order to establish Nephrops burrow densities on the Aran and Porcupine Nephops grounds. Undertake 10 beam trawls on the Aran Grounds.