Scallop Harvesting Notifications & Trade Notices

Scallop Processors can observe a list of current and historical samples which have been submitted for biotoxin analysis per production week and also submit a new notification when submitting a new sample for analysis.

View previously submitted scallop harvesting samples or submit a new notification

The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) also issues trade notice which contains details for the harvesting and placing on the market of scallops from Offshore and Inshore Classified Production Areas.

Notice to Trade on the Harvesting of Scallops

Biotoxin & Production Maps

These maps provide details on sampling sites and locations for biotoxin and phytoplankton sampling in biotoxin production areas and also rom offshore ICES rectangles.

Biotoxin and Phytoplankton Production Maps

Biotoxin Code of Practice for the Irish Shellfish Monitoring Programmme

The Code of Practice is a document which provides full details on all aspects National Monitoring Programmes for Biotoxin and Phytoplankton from sampling and analysis through to decision making in Classified Production and Offshore areas for marine bivalve molluscs. The document is available via the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) website.

Code of Practice for the Irish Shellfish Monitoring Programmme (Biotoxins)

Classified Production Areas & Code of Practice for Microbiological Monitoring

The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) maintains and regularly updates a list of Classified Production areas based on the monthly results of the Microbiological Monitoring of Marine Bivalve Mollusc Production Areas. A Code of Practice document on microbiological monitoring has been produced which details all aspects of the programme is also available from the SFPA website

Classified Areas

COP for Microbiological Monitoring of BiValve Mollusc Production Area