Synthesis- Evolving Scientific Advice for Fisheries

In 2004, an estimated 700,000 tonnes of fish were harvested by the international fleets from the Irish EEZ with an estimated value of 500 million. These fish stocks are managed by the EU under the Common Fisheries Policy. The fisheries scientific advice used to inform the management of the fisheries resource is formulated through ICES and various national fora and is delivered to Irish managers and stakeholder in the annual Stock Book.

The advice in the Stock Book is focused on TAC stocks (international advice) and inshore stocks (national advice). However there is great debate within the scientific community on the need to reform the scientific advice used to manage both TAC and inshore fisheries.

This work package will synthesise the results from this and other research projects to respond to the need for a new fisheries advice framework. This process should be regarded as an 'evolution' of the Stock Book and not a 'revolution'. Much like the EAF itself, it will be a slow process that will require many small steps.

This Work Package seeks to:

The Work Package is led by Paul Connolly and Dave Reid, both of the Marine Institute